Sunday, April 20, 2014

Best Retro Gamer theme GPT site is a great gamer themed gpt site. You have lots of ways to earn cash and prizes. The minimum to cash out your cash or prize is low only need $1.00. The options available for cash are Check, PayPal, Serve and Skrill. The gift cards available are instant amazon codes or any gift card you want through the custom prize withdraw. You will get your prize soon too, no long waits, usually same day even. This GPT site has been open for years and has no complaints against it, it is known as a good paying site in the gpt community.

There has been many improvements of late. One of these is a higher rate on all the offers and surveys. There has also been more offer walls added and PPD offers. I am happy that this this already good site has improved even more and now has become one of the best gpt sites. Registration is fast, easy and free just click this link

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Best GPT Site with Search and Win

Search and Win is an easy way to earn points on GPT sites. This feature has just been added to This is a big addition to an already great rewards site. Search and Win works by searching the internet for anything you want and randomly you win points. These points can be used for instant gift cards or cash in the form of a check sent to your home. Registration is fast and easy just go to now with Search and Win.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The best GPT Sites with Instant Amazon Gift Codes

There are many gpt sites , but not all have instant amazon gift codes. A GPT site with instant amazon gift codes is a best GPT site for sure, instant amazon is so easy to use and stack in your amazon account. The best sites to use for this are... with the most amazon codes in stock, lots of ways to earn and great guides for beginners. has the lowest minimum needed, only 25 cents. They also guarantee to always have instant amazon codes in stock. is one of the best GPT sites. You can earn in different ways, most popular being daily surveys, videos and CrowdFlower Tasks. has instant amazon cards too. They also have fun games you can play with the points you earn, daily promos, contests and everyone's favorite bingo !

Good Luck , you can earn free instant amazon codes every day and stack them in your amazon account, just like I do.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Best GPTs for CrowdFlower

There is a new website to learn about the best GPTs to use for CrowdFlower Tasks. Every site discussed there has been tested by the site owner and guaranteed to be a trusted paying website. So for the best GPTs for CrowdFlower please visit

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Best GPT Sites with Serve Payments

The two best gpt sites with serve payments are and Both of these sites offer PayPal, amazon codes and Serve. Payments are made daily on these trusted gpt sites. Both websites have thousands of happy members and been in business for many years. These GPT sites send Serve many times a day, you get it fast.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Best GPT is

The Best GPT is and here is why.
  • Fast PayPal, always sameday
  • Fast Amazon Codes always sameday
  • Trustworthy Admins
  • Friendly and Helpful Moderators
  • Top Notch Referral Program with multiple levels
  • Many Offer Walls
  • New Offers added many times a day
  • CrowdFlower Tasks
  • 3 Contests at same time
  • JackPot
  • Daily Offer Bonus
All this and more is why is the best GPT site.